How to Schedule an Audition

Schedule an Audition

With the introduction of the new website, our audition registration method has changed slightly. Please review the steps below:

1.Register as a parent or update profile (if you are already a member, please review account and update musician age, grade, etc.)

Registering for the site will allow you to create a user profile including contact information for you and some background information on your children. You will be able to update the information as necessary. It also makes sensitive information we want to share with each other much more difficult for others to get hold of. To create the account you’ll enter your contact information, and then an email message will send you a link to confirm the account. Once you’ve created the account and confirmed it, you will be able to continue to step two which is…

2. Log in to the site
While logging in you’ll notice there is an option to recover your password if you’ve forgotten it.
Once you’ve logged in to the site update (or Create if you are new) information for each of your musicians.
For this first year, you’ll add information about your musician: school, instrument, doctor, insurance, tetanus shots, and musical training. Once you’ve added them, you can change the information at any time.
Note: you need to successfully log in to the site before you are able to proceed to the next step…

3. Schedule the audition

Before you can schedule your audition time, you’ll need to confirm that you have read and agree to the information outlined in the Orchestra membership documents.

Links to the documents can be found here:

  2017/18 Attendance and Rehearsal Information (94.9 KiB, 130 hits)

  BIYO_Etiquette_and_Code_of_Conduct_2017-18.pdf (85.1 KiB, 124 hits)

  2017-2018_audition_info.pdf (3.0 MiB, 138 hits)

You’ll be provided a set of open times. Click on the time, enter the requested information, and claim it. Please review the Prepare For an Audition page for information prior to your audition.

4. Print The Forms (to bring with you to the audition)
Two forms will be generated for you: an Audition Card and an Emergency Contact Form. After booking your audition time, the forms will be displayed onscreen for you. Print them out, sign them and bring both forms to the audition. Note the Emergency Contact form has one spot for the musician to sign and TWO spots for the parent.


Thanks so much for helping us become more efficient in our information management.