Audition Information

Bainbridge Island Youth Orchestras

Tigran Arakelyan, Music Director
Audition Information

2017/18 Auditions are:

Sunday, September 10th from 3 pm – 7;30 pm

Monday, September 11th from 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm


General Information
Bainbridge Island Youth Orchestras (BIYO) holds annual auditions to place students in one of two string orchestras, the Sinfonietta and the Senior Orchestra. All students, new and returning, are required to audition each year. Below are the items students should prepare for auditions. Also included are some tips and advice for preparing for the audition.

Please prepare the following for the audition:

1.  Scales:
Sinfonietta: 2 octave D major scale and a 1 octave minor scale of your choice
Senior: 3 octave major scale of your choice and 2 octave minor scale of your choice

2. Solo: Prepare up to four minutes (2-3 minutes for Sinfonietta) of a solo of your choice. You can choose to play a piece from the Suzuki books, a sonata, a concerto or any other piece of music that best displays your technical ability and the depth of your musical expression. No accompanist is needed and your solo does not need to be memorized.

3.  Sight reading: A short excerpt will be provided at the audition.


Suggested minimum requirements to play in the Sinfonietta:

1. Be at a level equivalent of Book 2 of Suzuki.
2. Be able to read notes in the keys of C, G, D, A.
3. Be able to play in tune in first position.
4. Be able to sight-read simple rhythm patterns.


Additional requirements to play in the Senior Orchestra:

1. Ability to shift into 3rd and 4th positions with notes in tune.
2. Ability to play in tune in keys with four or more sharps or flats.
3. Ability to play with beautiful tone.
4. Ability to play different articulations and bowings.
5. Ability to sight read simple melodies with dotted rhythms and syncopation.

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